Gear Roll Tester Without Column

Linear Ways offers Gear Roll Testing Unit which facilitates double flank checking of gears upto 300mm dia. Body of roller tester is made out of cast iron duly stress relieved. The hardened and ground moving base on which master gear is mounted is having l00mm linear displacement with the help of came arrangement. Second moving block is mounted on frictionless pre loaded Linear Cross Roller Bearings. Gear mandrels are mounted in hardened and ground bushes with H6/h5 tolerance. The total composite error in gear can be tested on the roll tester which includes parameters such as PCD, PCD run out & index error. The error in the component is displayed in the dial indicator mounted on spring Ioaded master block, linear sensitivity of the testing unit is >5 microns. lt is recommended to place the roll testing unit on a stable base and should be leveled with the help of leveling screws and spirit level in both directions.