Linear Bearing

(Type R)

Linear Cross Roller

Bearing (Type RD)

Needle Roller Bearing


Linear Needle Roller

Bearing (L/M)

Cross Roller Table

(Type RO)

Cross Roller Table

(Type NF)

Frictionless Tables


Coordinate Frictionless

Tables (Type-RQ)

Coordinate Frictionless

Tables (Type-NB)

Needle Roller Slides


XY Table

Single Axis

XY Table

Double Axis

Flat Thread Rolling Dies

For Self Tapping Screws

CNC Micro Milling &

Engraving Machines

Gear Roll Tester

Without Column

Gear Roll Tester

With Column


Guide Blocks

Precision Ground

Ballscrews with Nuts

Rolled Ballscrews

with Nuts

Hardened Ground Shaft

Bushes & End Supports

Shaft End


Ball Screw

Support Units

Lead Screws &


Servo Couplings

Linear Actuators

Rack and Pinion